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Major Events in Casole d'Elsa

Casole d'Elsa is a small medieval village that is born on the back of a hill (417 mt s.l.m.) and watching the landscape of the Elsa Valley and the Montagnola Senese to the Maremma. The Italian Touring Club awarded the Orange Flag recognition to this location 'which is distinguished by a homogeneous historical center, cozy and lively with many stores of local products. The well-identifiable information point and efficient visit to the center paths allow you to enjoy properly the tourist resources of the City.

Right to exploit their own resources and highlight the historical origins of this land, various events are organized throughout the year. Among them, the most important ones are identified below.

To be always updated on all scheduled events follow the Facebook page of the local office of Pro Loco.

Palio di Casole d'Elsa

Palio di Casole d'Elsa

2nd Sunday of July

It is an horse race, ridden by jockeys, held in honor of St. Isidore.
Its origins date back to the early 1800s.
The race is done, riding sleeping; the race is particularly challenging both for the horses and for jockeys.
It is a prize called the "Roman" or "long-grabs" that has a starting point other than arrival and therefore do not circulate as the Palio di Siena.
The week before the Palio is characterized by evenings of dinners and parties in districts.

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Fiera dell'Alberaia

Fiera dell'Alberaia

Last weekend of August

It is an event linked to the rural traditions of the past, in which we try to keep unchanged the ancient tradition of civilization rural.
It is organized in Localita Mulino Elsa, the same area that once was considered crucial for businesses of farmers of the Val d'Elsa, Val di Merse, the Montagnola and the Maremma. At the end of summer was an important event for trade, for the goods produced, to animals and to find themselves and have a moment of leisure.

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Palio dei Ciuchi Mensano

Palio dei ciuchi

1st weekend of September

It is celebrated in Mensano at the Feast of Our Lady.
During the festivities, in addition to religious celebrations, alternate various events but the most characteristic is certainly the Palio of the Donkeys, event for some time now "untouchable" because of the historical roots allocated to it, both for the atmosphere that manages to create and that involves all the people present, often taken from convulsive laughter, thanks to the well-known stubbornness of donkeys!

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Palio dei Ciuchi Mensano

Presepe Vivente

Christmas celebrations every two years

The crib, with over 200 appearances, is set in a large part of the historical center of the village, along a path that is developed in medieval part passing through alleys and squares where wineries and other local characteristic, already impressive on their own, are decorated using poor materials, "with a great care in the reconstruction of details and respecting the traditions of the past, without neglecting any detail".

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Palio dei Ciuchi Mensano

Processione storica

Good Friday

In a Casole d'Elsa suspended in time, with cured street furniture prepared for the occasion, is celebrated every three years, the evocative rite of the procession on Good Friday Historical, departing from the Collegiate.
It has its origins in the early twentieth century; It is of great cultural and spiritual interest. He evokes the passion of Christ and is animated by a large number of characters and horses. The costumes are faithful to the most ancient tradition.

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